Online Harp Lessons

Online Harp Lessons

I am a harp enthusiast with over ten years of harp playing and learning experience. I will teach beginning harpists, whether you are completely new to the harp or have some previous knowledge.

Ages 8+

I want work with you to help you reach your goals on the harp.

What to expect in each lesson:

  • A warm-up exercise
  • Two or three (or more) harp pieces to play and learn
  • Advice about correct position and technique
  • Advice for writing your own harp music (for those who are interested)

If you are interested in harp lessons or have any questions, please click the link below and let me know here:

Lesson Time:Rates per Lesson:
30 Minute Lesson$20
45 Minute Lesson$30
Options for Time and Price of Lessons

I recommend the 30 minute lesson for those who want to learn 2 or 3 pieces (weekly, although not always a new piece every week) with instruction on techniques.

I recommend the 45 minute lessons to students who want to learn more harp music pieces (3 or 4) and have more time for tailored instruction each week.

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