Welcome to my blog! I am so happy you are here. I will be posting various different posts related to music below, so whether you just love listening to harp music or are a harp player yourself be on the lookout for blog content just for you!

Self-taught vs. Harp Lessons

So which is better, taking harp lessons or teaching yourself to play the harp? That is the question we will explore in this post. Can you teach yourself to play the harp?  This may sound like a rather obvious question, but I think it is an important place to start.  The simple answer is… yes,Continue reading “Self-taught vs. Harp Lessons”


Hymns on the Harp

Although this blog and website is fairly new, there is a relatively good chance that you already know that I enjoy playing hymns on the harp. In this post we will explore why I enjoy playing hymns, how I arrange them, what harp hymn books I would recommend!  Why Hymns? While there is much toContinue reading “Hymns on the Harp”

How to Tune Your Harp

Perhaps you are a new and aspiring harpist. Or maybe you are just curious as to how exactly harpists tune their instruments. In this post we will explore how to tune a harp – the right way, for both pedal and lever harps. Right off the bat, I should probably mention that all of theContinue reading “How to Tune Your Harp”

Harps in the Bible

The harp appears quite frequently throughout the Bible. In this blog we will see what the Bible has to say about the harp from its inventor to its eternal purpose. The Father of All Harp Players You may know that the harp is an ancient instrument, but did you know that the first mention ofContinue reading “Harps in the Bible”

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