Setting Up Your Harp’s Spot

Having a specific area in the house for your harp is important. Almost every harpist has their own designated harp spot. In this post we will explore how and where to set up your own area for your harp. 

A Good Location

Where you set up your harp is very important. When I first got my lever harp, it was placed in the worst possible location in the house. Why? It was not only right next to a heating/air conditioning vent, but it was also placed right next to a window. After doing some research we discovered why this area was such a bad place to keep my harp.  

The harp is a stringed instrument, so any direct fluctuation in temperature can have an impact on the string tension. Also, exposure to sunlight (like any wooden object) could potentially cause your harp to experience fading.

Therefore, my advice (along with many other harpists) is to keep your harp away from any windows or heating/air conditioning vents. 

Now this doesn’t mean you have to keep your harp in a closet or in a completely closed off room in your basement, however, just be mindful of keeping it generally away from direct temperature fluctuating factors. Generally a good temperature to keep your harp at is around 70˚ F.

Away From Danger

This may be fairly obvious, but I think it is worth saying that you want to put your harp in a fairly quiet place. Or, in other words, in a place where it is least likely to get damaged or knocked over. 

For Your Lap Harp

This is totally guess-work seeing as I have not yet bought my dream lap harp. However, if I do get a lap harp one day, I would store it somewhere up off the ground. So maybe on a ledge or a table, or even on top of a piano (if it fits). So long as it is secure and unlikely to fall on wherever I store it.

I would still probably set up a station with a stool and music stand, or at least have a place ready to play it (besides on a comfy sofa – although it’s tempting :)) 

If you are learning how to play the harp on a lap harp, I would recommend having a designated area with a music bench and a music stand. It would be a good idea to get in the practice of sitting with good posture and looking at a music stand to read your music.

If your lap harp has levers make sure to store it with them down (not up or tense).

For Your Lever/Pedal Harp

Although the harp is not as static as a piano, you are probably going to want to find a consistent location to keep it. The bigger the harp, the harder it is to move (generally). So it is best to think through where a good spot might be to keep it long term. 

You will want your harp to be in a place where it is least likely to get damaged (i.e. away from doors, the kitchen, or highly used spaces).

Also, when you leave your instrument for the day, just make sure your levers are down (for lever harps) or your pedals are up (flat – for pedal harps). This will reduce the tension on the strings – which hopefully will help them last longer.


In case I haven’t implied this enough, I recommend that you have a good music bench and music stand. You may also want a small bookshelf or storage container to keep music books and replacement strings. 

Below are some recommendations for benches and a stand. 

This is one that I have used, it is light and sturdy and very adjustable. It has lasted me for about 10 years, so I would say it is a decent bench.

This bench is one that I have not used, but it has good reviews and has storage inside of it that could be used for your books, tuning devices, and/or strings.

Here is a sheet music stand that I have not used, but it seems to be good quality and very portable for gigging.

Thanks for reading this post 🙂

Comment below with any questions. Enjoy your day!


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