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Welcome to the Christian Harp Corner! Do you love listening to harp music? Are you a harpist or considering becoming one? Do you love God-honoring, Christ centered music or the peaceful bliss of plucked harp strings? You have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Markia. I have been a Christian for over ten years and have been playing harp for just as long. From a young age I’ve had a passion for playing the harp. I would like to pass along the passion to you. So whether you have a love for just listening to the harp, or are an advanced player yourself, I hope you will take the opportunity to explore the Christian Harp Corner where you will find harp music, music videos, sheet music, blog posts and more. So, go ahead, browse around and enjoy!

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Hymns on the Harp

Although this blog and website is fairly new, there is a relatively good chance that you already know that I enjoy playing hymns on the harp. In this post we will explore why I enjoy playing hymns, how I arrange them, what harp hymn books I would recommend!  Why Hymns? While there is much toContinue reading “Hymns on the Harp”

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